Virtual Pet
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Will your pet get to be older than 50? Or will you even manage to keep it going until retirement age?
This virtual pet is not easy to look after and a real challenge ;-)

Depending on what you do with your pet, its properties will change, as if it were a real pet.

A few examples:
- Feeding it unhealthy food will have negative consequences for its health
- If you hit it, it will become unhappy and even be rude to you
- If you make it do sport, it will lose weight

The following actions are possible:
- Watch TV
- Vaccinate
- Go on vacation
- Hit
- Take a bath
- Read a book
- Stroke
- Play soccer
- Play basketball
- Play American football
- Play baseball
...and lots more!

You can have an effect on the following properties:
- Age
- Hunger
- Thirst
- Vitamins
- High blood glucose
- Hygiene
- Niceness
- Intelligence
- Overweight
- Underweight
- Boredom
- Immunization protection (ticks, tetanus, flu)
- Mood
- Pulmonary values
- Liver values
- Bladder pressure
- Bloated feeling
- Fatigue

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