Buzzer Quiz
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Compete against your friends in this thrilling quiz game one on one or go for a ranking in the high scores! More than 5.000 questions and various modes promise hours of gaming fun!

Each round there are different modes:

- Classic Mode: Comparable to "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire", you get four possible answers per question. If you tap the correct one, you score!

- "Multiple": You get a category, e.g. "Countries in Europe" and are then shown different possible answers like "France". Now you have to quickly tap the words belonging to that category.

- "One or None": You get a question like "Cheese or European town?". Again, you are shown different answers like "London". Now you have to tap either "Cheese", "European town", "None" or "Both".

Every question comes with a time-limit, so you have to be quick. In one-on-one, the player who presses their buzzer first and answers correctly wins.

A high-score shows you how good you played each round.

Happy quizzing!

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